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  • Market Best Prices
  • Highly Durable
  • An all steel security door with no plastic doors for ultimate strength
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction
  • High Grade Security Steel Doors
  • Available in a Range of Attractive Colours
  • Coated with Polyester Epoxy Powder Coating for long life
  • Custom Manufactured Offering you 4 sided protection

About Steel Doors Kenya

Looking for the best steel doors for sale in Kenya? You are in the right place. We offer different types of steel doors in Kenya of the highest quality on affordable prices, great service and genuine interest in customer's need and safety at all times.

We use high quality materials and superior workmanship. All metal, no plastics for ultimate strength. We take extra effort when designing our security doors in Kenya, ensuring that they always carry the right look and feel each and every time. If you are looking for a design that carries off the right hallmarks of professional care and studious detail, Contact us today.

Steel Doors prices in Kenya

Single Steel Door S50 2050mm x 900mm x 50mm Ksh 21,000
Double Steel Door D50 2050mm x 1200mm x 50mm Ksh 29,000
Single Steel Door S70 2050mm x 900mm x 70mm Ksh 28,000
Double Steel Door D70 2050mm x 1200mm x 70mm Ksh 38,000

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Choosing The Best

Steel Doors for Sale in Kenya

Entry doors are the most important security feature of any home. The front doors need to be strong and beautiful. There is no better way to ensure security of your house in Kenya than by installing a steel front door. These security doors Kenya are really burglar proof and will keep your investment safe for a long time. Many Kenyans are wary of their security as cases of burglary keep rising. Our steel doors Kenya can really help to maintain the security of your home.

When the phrase "steel doors for sale in Kenya" is mentioned, the minds of many Kenyans wonder to some of the not so good looking doors they have seen around. These are not the doors you get with us. We sell premium imported steel doors that are not only strong but are beautiful. You can get them in great finishes and wonderful styles to compliment the architectural style of your home. They also come in different finishes including a wood grain finish. When it comes to beauty and strength for steel doors, our imported quality is the sure bet.

Benefits of adding our steel doors to your home

If you have been looking for steel doors for sale in Kenya, it must have crossed your mind of what benefit these doors will be to you:

They are highly durable – Kenyan houses are made to last and so are steel doors. The doors do not break, bow or dent easily. They can be used for areas with high traffic like the front door is and they will last a long time. They also come with strong hinges for installation ensuring you get a really stable and long lasting installation. They are resistant to the weather elements like rain and sun.

They boost the curb appeal of your home – unlike what many people think steel doors are really beautiful. When properly installed, steel doors Kenya will boost the curb appeal of your home significantly. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and styles to suit your personality. There has been a misconception that steel doors are not as beautiful as wooden doors.

The problem is that many people tend to go for steel doors made in Kenya that are not well made and finished. With our imported steel doors you get really beautiful doors. It is actually impossible for many to tell they are steel doors from a far because they look really stunning. Our steel doors can come with wood grain finishes for the appearance of wood but without the inconveniences of wood. We also stock imported doors that come in many beautiful panels for you to choose from.

Energy efficiency – Steel doors are really energy efficient. They protect your house from external weather elements. A door that allows the external weather to interfere with the atmosphere in your house makes the house very uncomfortable. In such a case you will need to warm or cool the house which means higher power bills. Steel doors keep the outer weather elements out of your home completely.

They require little maintenance – steel doors do not require a lot of maintenance to keep them looking great. They only require washing or wiping when they become dirty and they regain their sheen. The hinges may also require a little oiling to ensure they are moving freely. Our steel doors do not require regular repainting, staining or repairs to keep them looking great or working fine.

They are cost effective – our steel doors are highly durable meaning that you will not need to change them often. They also do not require high maintenance which keeps the costs down. Our steel doors are also highly affordable.

How to choose a steel door

When in need of steel doors for sale in Kenya, the results can be overwhelming. Do you go for the locally made doors? Do your get the imported doors? How do you know which door is good quality? To ensure that you choose a door that is great for your home, here are some tips to point you in the right direction.

Precision – many of the steel doors made in Kenya lack precision. They are therefore very difficult to install and when installed they are not true. This means that you might find some spaces left here and there and some parts of your home exposed. This also affects the integrity of the door. Our imported doors are made to precision. They are manufactured using high quality steel and equipment that ensure that every little detail is precise. When the door is installed it is becomes true and precise to the space it was meant for. Have you ever seen those steel doors in Nairobi that have to be banged so hard just for them to close? It is because of lack of precision.

Décor – steel doors do not have to be all plain and boring. Our doors have décor that makes them look exciting and just as attractive as wooden doors are.

Hinges, locks and handle – these three components are really important parts of your security doors Kenya. The handle should be one that allows you to open or close the door with ease. It should be big enough but also quality and beautiful to add to the beauty of the door. The hinges should be big and strong to be able to carry the door all through as it is being used. Steel doors can be heavy and using weak hinges will be useless.

The frame – this is the other feature you should look out for. A good steel door for sale in Kenya should come with a frame. The frame makes installation easy. It also seals the areas around the door for a seamless fit.

It is also important for you to choose a door that will match your home in terms of style and color. The size should also be right.

Contact us when in need of steel doors for sale in Kenya. We sell high quality steel doors that you will just be amazed at.